Thursday, 3 February 2011

Skywatch Friday: Trinità Dei Monti Cathedral, Rome


Shot of the Trinita Dei Monti Cathedral, which stands at the top of the Spanish Steps in Rome.


Post-Processed in Topaz Adjust

Skywatch Friday

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Wick Daily Photo said...

I prefer the naturalness of the unprocessed image.

Dejemonos sorprender said...

beautiful skywatch, clouds and silhouettes are great..

joo said...

Rome looks fabulous!
Have a great weekend:)

Kay L. Davies said...

Your processing improved the sheets of plywood, but I think I prefer the natural look. Beautiful place, even with the plywood.
-- K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
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VioletSky said...

That is a fun post processing you've chosen. So much more detail really shows up

EG Wow said...

That's a neat shot of the cathedral and I find it interesting how you worked the photo in Topaz Adjust. I'll have to look into that program. Dos it require you also have CS4?

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful view of the church and skies! I like both shots - one is a photo, the other a painting.

Shirley said...

I love that effect! Such wonderful architecture!

BraCom (Bram) said...

Beautiful SkyWatch posting!
thank you for sharing this beautiful photo work

Happy SWF! Have a good weekend,
Regards, Bram

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Seen on Sky Watch Friday, Season 4, Episode 30

Jane said...

Thanks everyone:)

@ Kay: I think its stone or brick insets into the Marble but I cannot be certain.

The Cathedral dates back to 1479 and in the springtime the Spanish Steps are covered in Azaleas.

@ EG: It is compatible with most painting systems including CS3-5 and Photoshop Elements 6-9 here is a link to the website on the software. I am using the trial at the moment but its a lot cheaper at than Photomatix.

Siddhartha Joshi said...

the photoshopped one looks extreme, yet still quite nice! looks like an image for publication :)

indicaspecies said...

Both pictures have their own charm, but I like colors in the processed one better.

Jane said...

I like the vivid drama to the second image, but of course the original is a great photo in itself I think. Thanks for liking them both:)

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