Saturday, 2 June 2012

Camera Critters: Bobcat, Flamingo Gardens, Florida


This rescued Bobcat was captured behind glass at the Flamingo Gardens Sanctuary in Davie at Christmas.

Camera Critters

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Rune K said...

Nice shot, I like the soft light. Well cut and composed. Believe it or not, I have some of those, or close ralatives (lynx), sneaking around the house at times. Quite harmless they are, for people, but they are quite curious and seems to like watching us from a distance.
Wish you a fine weekend :)

Carol said...

Beautiful cat! Love his fur markings. said...

Such a pretty critter!

Kate said...

Why and where was he rescued? That is one big cat! Thanks for visiting my blog today!

Jane said...

@ Rune K: Yes unlike the big cats like Lions or Tigers, these cats are harmless with regards to humans although they are still wildcats and its best to give them a wide birth.

@ Kate: He was rescued because he had been injured in the wild, most probably shot at by man, as apparently they are shot at over there, the sanctuary isn't like a zoo, they rescue wild animals that have been injured by predators or man, and bring them back to the sanctuary to be looked after, they are eventually released back into their natural habitat and if they cannot do that, they keep them but any offspring are released into the wilds instead.

Kay L. Davies said...

That is a big bobcat. Nice photo. Interesting to see him in a rescue facility. Good for them.