Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Sepia Scenes: Princess Gardens, Edinburgh

To gain the sepia toning for this image, I chose the Duotone option.


I chose the Pantone 150C colour in the palettes and manipulated the curve.

Original Image Here

3 Feedback Comments:

anemonen said...

Suitable in sepia.Very lovely photo.

Ralph said...

The castle upon the hill is impressive, but cold and very formal in its appearance. Yet the lawn below is full of people, full of life. Both scenes are wonderful in sepia, especially the building - the cold stone facade is warmer now in the soft sepia. A lovely view!

Jane said...

Thanks Ralph, I thought given Edinburghs age ( Georgian) that Sepia would go well for this scene. The rocket like building is the Scott Monument, the statue of Sir Walter Scott is inside, there are lots of Gothic designs in Edinburgh.

Thanks for dropping by both of you:)