Saturday, 24 April 2010

Camera Critters: Baby Lobster

This lobster was on sale in Hong Kongs Goldfish Markets: The Goldfish markets in the Prince Edward district of Hong Kong, sell loads of aquatic life for residents to have for their aquariums.

Camera Critters

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Karine said...

A goldfish market? Sounds like my kind of place, I've been keeping an aquarium for years! I didn't know lobsters could be kept in a typical home aquarium environment though, we don't have them in aquarium stores around here!

Hootin' Anni said...

How cool is that? I am assuming you have a large aquarium at home then?

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Jane said...

@ Karine, I am hoping he is for a tank, personally I wanted to rescue the poor thing and put him back in the sea. Yes they have a Flower Market, Bird Garden and a Goldfish Market in the Prince Edward area of Hong Kong. It was chucking it down with rain when I took this.

@Hootin Anni, no I dont have an aquarium, I think the cats wouldn't like that. I shall be sure to drop in soon:)

Anna said...

A very interesting little critter.

siromade08 said...

I saw large lobster on Asian Restaurant, usuailly they have big tank for lobster for sale I think. some for attraction. Very cool.

rennschnecke said...

poor creature

eileeninmd said...

So the baby lobster is a pet in someones aqarium? How cool!

Jane said...

@Anna: Thanks:)

@siromade: I suspect the one you saw was for choosing and then eating but then again I hope not.

@rennschnecke: Yes poor baby:'(

@Eileen: No, these creatures, fish etc were in bags filled with water and plant life and on sale in a shop on the streets of Mongkok in the Goldfish Market area. Not sure how long they could survive like that though:(

Thanks everyone for visiting:)