Sunday, 14 March 2010

Monochrome Weekly: The Clergy House, Alfriston

I took this image in 1994, when I was experimenting with Black and White 35mm film in my fixed focus Vivitar camera.

This is The Clergy House in Alfriston East Sussex where I used to live up until 2003.

You can find details about the building at these sites:

National Trust



Monochrome Weekly Theme is a concept by Aileni

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Anonymous said...

Nice print. Reminds me of my childhood in Devon - all that deep Summer foliage.

Carver said...

I love the way the house fits into its environment. Great shot.

Kilauea Poetry said...

Looks very old and so far away. Nice one-
Have a wonderful day-

Jane said...

@Aileni: Devon is very pretty too, the village was very busy in the Summer.

@Carver: Yes its such a nice setting I think.

@Kilauea Poetry: It dates from 1300's but it wasn't actually built as a Clergy House, it was built for a wealthy farmer. I will do and you:)

Dimple said...

This is a "Once upon a time," type of photo. I like it very much.
Thanks for dropping by!

rennschnecke said...

yes a picture from the past

Hootin' Anni said...

I could definitely live there!!!

My Monochrome Weekend is photos of a black n white pencil sketch I just finished. This is my 1st entry for the meme. Come visit if you can find time.

HERE You'll need to scroll down a bit to view.

Have a great week ahead.

Jane said...

@Dimple: Your welcome, yes very looking back:)

@Hootin Anni, I shall come over and take a look, thanks for visiting:)


rennschnecke said...

looks like a " Hexenhaus "
- "knusper knusper knäuschen wer
knabert an mein Häuschen "

The one with the View said...

Nice capture...looks like beautiful scenery!

Dragonstar said...

Lovely! An old house in such beautiful countryside.

lisaschaos said...

It looks like a great place to live! I bet you had lots of wildlife in your yard. :)

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