Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Sepia Scenes:Dunnet Head Lighthouse

This photograph of Dunnet Head Lighthouse near Thurso in Sutherland was turned into a sepia toned photograph using Photoshop CS4 extended and using the following:

1: Go to File and Open an image
2: Duplicate image by going to Layer > Duplicate layer
3: Go to > image > adjustments > hue/saturation
4: Choose the preset: Sepia and ok
5: Duplicate layer again
6: Go to Filter >Artistic>Neon Glow ( I have it on hex #ed1438 here)
7: Set Blend mode to Overlay and 74%


15 Feedback Comments:

rennschnecke said...

i love b&w !!
good that you show both !!

Jane said...

Thanks rennschnecke, I think its best to show both for my readers/vistors so they get to see the differences. I think both images are good, what do you think?

Annie said...

Very nice use of Sepia. It captures the age of the light and the buildings well.

rennschnecke said...

yes both are very good ,
normally one is better ,
i love the blue and white on the 2nd !!!
i was missing the start of
new c.i. ;-(
but i record it ;-)

Jane said...

Thanks Annie, yes the lighthouse is in good condition too.

@rennschnecke: I am sure you will catch up;)

The image was taken with my previous camera the Canon ixus.

Marice said...

wow that lighthouse really looks great in sepia :)

u may view mine here

Ralph said...

The original is a beauty under the blue sky overlooking the calm waters. The sepia view is special, minus the lovely distractions I notive the functional yet beautiful form of this life-saving building. A wonderful capture and effect!

Nancy Bea Miller said...

A beautiful shot, and I appreciate your so clearly explaining how it was done. I will bookmark and try myself. Thanks!

hip chick said...

I like the color/light on the house itself. you did a nice job.

Jane said...

Your welcome Nancy, yes thankfully it was a good day to take photos-the area around it is very bleak even on a good day.

Thank you for dropping by everyone:)

kaye said...

I love the rose tint in the sepia shot. The clouds really jump out at me. But I do like the color shot so much, the contrast of the white light house against the blue water and sky is fabulous.

Emm said...

I love that sepia shot!! And thanks again for a fabulous tutorial.

Jane said...

Thanks Kaye, your welcome Emm:)

Bull Rhino said...

That is sooooo neat that you give the tutorial and show both. Thanks!


Jane said...

Your welcome Scott:)