Sunday, 9 August 2009

Photoshopped Pansy

Mini Tutorial

  • Open Image In Photoshop.
  • Choose circle marquee tool ( it hides behind square marquee tool).
  • Make sure you cut your image with the feather adjustment at 17 pixels.
  • Cut the image and copy it.
  • Open new document and choose white background.
  • Paste image onto the new canvas and flatten the image.
  • Go To filter menu and choose: Sharpen:Upsharp Mask (I used these settings: 366% Ratio: 49.0 Threshold: 5).
  • Go to Image then choose invert.
  • Go to Edit and fade invert and choose blending mode Colour and Opacity mode 73%.

    Original Image

6 Feedback Comments:

♥ Kathy♥ said...

I love what you did Jane. I will have to try this out in Paint Shop Pro.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Jane: What a cool effedt on the flower.

Jane said...

Thanks FG and Kathy, glad you liked it:)

Euroangel said...

very nice color effect...thanks for sharing Jane..have a great day too!

Jane said...

Thanks Euroangel, hope you do too:)

Babooshka said...

As a pure photographer(work dictates) this was really interesting. I am clueless about photoshop.